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What is Dig Your Deepest?

Dig Your Deepest (DYD) is a revolutionary approach to personal fitness and lifestyle. It is based on the belief that the most important step to turning a hope or want into a reality is to be mentally, physically and spiritually ready for it. Through Missy’s unique coaching and training services, you can transform your lifestyle.

“The fitness industry can be really aesthetically focused but I fundamentally believe that when we get back to what fitness really is intended for, which is to be stronger, healthier, fight obesity, improve cardiovascular health, we are doing it right.  “


Dig Your Deepest Services

DYD is designed to clear a path to find your health and fitness and get results.

 3 Main Areas of Focus:

Personal Training

Lifestyle and fitness is so personal and unique, which is why DYD is built on having a solid 1 on 1 foundation. Through Personal Training, you will get individualized attention and programming designed specifically for you to reach your own personal goals. Make Personal Training part of your very own self-care.


With the guidance of your coach, you will dig deep to describe what your goals are and uncover what has been standing in your way. Together, we will work to clear those roadblocks away. Based on your individual needs and goals, your coach will work with you to build a unique and sustainable plan that best suits you.

Group Classes

There is power in groups and support as you dig deep to work towards your goals. Group classes have the same fundamentals as Personal Training and is a shared experience. Each class is an hour long that anyone at any level can participate in. Designed for weight loss and toning; building endurance, stamina and strength; confidence boost; and an increased overall quality of life.

See It In Action

“We all have the intention to live a healthier life. Dig Your Deepest transforms these intentions into reality.”


The DYD Difference

With various membership packages available, you can create a plan that works for you.

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Dig Your Deepest has a proven track record of getting the results you want.

“Missy is a great motivator and challenges me to push past my boundaries. She is encouraging in every way she can. (I like that the exercises are full of variety and that she incorporates flexibility, strength, stability, balance and endurance). She’s a professional! She’s dedicated to her own fitness regiment and genuinely wants to help others get fit!”

Verna Risby

“It can be intimidating to try to get into shape. You worry about people judging you or your lack of fitness; however, with Missy, every step towards success was something to celebrate. It truly helps motivate individuals, like myself, who are not particularly fitness fanatics. I am much more motivated to continue because I can actually see and measure my results.”

Ula Hale

“Missy has helped me regain strength, health, confidence, and muscle mass. Oh yeah, and has completely changed my mindset about certain exercises I dislike, ie. burpees! She is extremely helpful in motivating and pushing me during those days that we all have when we are low energy, to workout. She also emphasizes the importance of allowing adequate recovery after workouts, which I used to negatively think of as ‘lazy days.'”

Carina Castro

“Missy will help guide you in the direction that is best for you. She is accountable which in my opinion is a must have! My health and lifestyle has changed tremendously. I went from doing nothing to being an avid CrossFitter. If it wasn’t for meeting Missy I may have totally chickened out and never signed up for CrossFit. And for that I am forever grateful!“

Jillian Miller

“I respect Missy’s dedication to the process of personal training. I’m stronger and I can actually see the difference in the physical structure of my body. I appreciate her dedication to my health and fitness. Her attention to form is exceptional and she knows how to push me past what I think I can accomplish. I am a better me because of her.”

Gayle Fuhr

“To workout with Missy is to feel fully supported in your fitness goals. Missy is a master at keeping the training sessions lively, challenging, and fun. I’ve never had fun during a workout before, but training with Missy changed all that. Missy is as non-judgmental as they come; it will feel like working out with a supportive friend. And the progress I’ve made in only a few sessions is exciting and motivating.”

Amanda Coggin


Missy Berkowitz is the creator of Dig Your Deepest. In her past corporate life as a Business Professional, Missy spent many years managing, leading and mentoring others. Her whole adult life she has been addicted to fitness and now is marrying the two worlds together. Today, she drives her clients to get the results they desire.

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Dig Your Deepest Thoughts

When it comes to advice and reflection, we are proud to say we offer something special.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The most important step to turning a hope or want into a reality is to be mentally, physically and spiritually ready for it. By digging deep, you will gain such a greater understanding of where you have been, what you need that you do not yet have and where you want to go.

A: I want to make sure you get set up for success when it comes to nutrition and diet as they are such a big part of the equation to reaching your lifestyle and fitness goals. We will get into an awareness of what you are putting in your body and what is going to give you the energy and nutrients you need. Beyond that, for a more customized nutrition plan and to really dive into diet, I do partner with Certified Nutritionists and Dietitians that you can add A La Carte services to your coaching package as part of your DYD journey.

A: I meet clients where they are at in terms of fitness and then smartly progress them from there. We usually spend the first month, at least, focusing on increasing stability, core strength, and improving cardio capacity. I am a big advocate for moving correctly, first and foremost, and as clients master movements, I will level them up! I am also not one of those trainers that will scream in your face, but I do push you. We never know what we can do unless we try.

A: I have an assortment of different weighted dumbbells and kettle-bells, along with weighted soft medicine balls. I have resistance bands, a BOSU ball, even an old-school stepper! My favorite latest addition is a battle rope, as it gets the heart rate up very quickly, and there are so many full body movements to do with it. I frequently add to my collection of equipment as the needs of my clients grow.

A: I am currently set up to rent space at Real Fitness in Playa Del Rey for Personal Training clients. I also, depending on scheduling, train clients at their homes and at parks. Classes also are currently outdoors, however, my goal is to have my own indoor space to have them and evolve them even more!

A: I am a big believer in feeling a connection. I follow this guiding principle in almost all that I do in life because that genuine, authentic connection is what builds trust which is what success is built on. That is something I want for any of the coaching partnerships I take on. I want you to truly know and feel that I am just as invested in your success as you are.

A: I sure do! I currently run Boot Camps for 10-12 week periods in El Segundo a few days/times each week. I also have special workout events, so get on my email list to find out when they are happening.

A: Workout styles vary from session to session and from client to client, but two of my favorite styles are AMRAP’s (As Many Reps As Possible) and Tababta (set work and set rest). I love getting creative with programming and workouts are never exactly the same!

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